How to kill the Left: A blueprint for conservative domination of the political spectrum in the U.S.

Create far right news media and position it as centrist

In the days of broadcast TV, CBS News was always the conservative option in news.  Dan Rather’s ascendancy to the anchor desk, and the entry of Fox News (and positioning themselves as centrists) has had the effect of pushing all other broadcast news to the left…in some cases the far left.  CNN, once thought of as an impartial middle has also suffered and is now, too, seen as leftist.

Dilute the power of media in general – use the Internet and cable television to splinter the media markets

Cable television and the Internet have given voice to many more positions and perspectives than were ever possible under the dominance of the Big Three broadcast networks.  This has enabled conservatives to splinter audiences and reduce the impact of news on the population.

Use reality TV programming to reduce the amount of scripted programming available, and by extension, reducing the number of outlets for leftist propaganda

Television writers are, for the most part, liberal.  The proliferation of reality, lifestyle and documentary style programming and networks has changed the funding of television and made scripted shows by comparison more expensive.  Couple that with smaller audiences and you have a recipe for reduced influence as costs rise and audiences and ad revenues fall.

Deregulate financial institutions to precipitate a fiscal crisis

The deregulation of the financial industries was destined to produce two things: a greater gap between rich/powerful and the poor/middle class/powerless, and the over extension of financial services.  These have combined to produce a financial meltdown, which benefits the right.   The right wants to continue this pattern since it keeps the population fearful and helps to control their voting patterns.

Get government to overspend, then de-fund leftist programs under the auspices of fiscal responsibility and deficit control

Republicans were glad to allow the Democrats overspend during the Bush years.  They knew the chickens would come home to roost eventually, and they knew their reputation for fiscal conservativeness would absolve them of blame and give them the power to “correct” it.  This led to the potential to gut the very programs that Democratic constituencies rely upon for their political support.

Keep out immigrants

Immigrant populations overwhelmingly vote Democratic, so a reduction in legal immigration and the denial of citizenship to immigrants already here both play to the advantage of conservatives.

Reduce the life expectancy of the poor – reduce the quality of the air and increase the costs of clean water, food, heat, health care, housing, and security

Under the auspices of fiscal discipline, conservatives now have the support they need to gut the Clean Air Act, to increase the cost of clean water, to raise the price of food, to deny heat to less affluent residents of northern climates, to put comprehensive healthcare out of reach for the poor, to relegate the poor to substandard housing, and to force them to live where their security is constantly at risk.  All this serves to force the poor to focus on their immediate needs and keep them out of the polling place.

Deny education to the poor – primary, secondary and post secondary

Reducing funding for education falls disproportionately on the poor as schools are ever more reliant on local property taxes for their funding.  Poor areas have much lower taxes and end up with worsening schools.  In addition, reductions in scholarship programs for higher education for the poor are under assault to keep the poor from pulling themselves out of poverty.

Kill off the unions – erode their power

The unions are among the biggest supporters of liberal politics, and by eroding their power and influence, conservatives rob liberals of financial support.  At the same time, permit corporations and the wealthy to spend unlimited dollars in support of conservative candidates, overwhelming the liberal financial base.

Control teachers – use fear and intimidation to reduce their influence over children

Placing teachers under threat enables conservatives to control the content and messaging in the schools.

Force the left to support and defend generally unpopular positions

From gay marriage to abortion, gun control, immigration reform, universal health care, and the redistribution of wealth from the haves to the have-nots, conservatives are positioning liberals as out of step with the rest of the country.

Dis-empower leftist religions

By encouraging more conservative factions to break away from left and center leaning religious institutions, conservatives are condemning the mainstream religions as being out of touch.

Decentralize leftist organizations

Splintering leftist causes into smaller and smaller factions causes them to lose power and influence.  For example, splintering the women’s movement into separate organizations advocating for women’s rights, reproductive rights, children’s advocacy, women’s health, business women, and other niches has reduced their overall influence.

Alienate the masses from the intelligentsia

Positioning the intelligentsia – generally associated with the left – as being against the common person creates animosity.  Those who had been advocating on behalf of the middle class become their adversaries and allows the right to increase the gap between the rich – who disproportionately support the right – and everyone else.

Depress the vote

Since Republican leaning voters turn out in higher percentages than other blocks, depressing the vote disproportionately impacts Democrats running for office.  You can further erode the left by requiring photo IDs at the polling place, reducing the number of polling places, and by using unfamiliar technologies to collect and tabulate the vote.

Increase the cost of necessary commodities

Through speculation and other methods, conservatives have been able to raise the costs of basic needs like fuel, food, transportation, health care, and depress the value of assets like homes.  This disproportionately impacts the poor and middle class and further alienates them from voting.

Control redistricting in the states to maximize power and concentrate left leaning constituencies

Make sure the right is in power every ten years when redistricting takes place.  By ensuring that the right controls the levers of power at the state level, they give themselves the opportunity to control the federal government.

Decrease mobility by forcing people to stay in homes they can’t sell

When the value of homes is in decline, people owe more than their homes are worth.  This robs them of wealth and keeps them from moving to where jobs are…and into Republican strongholds.

By concentrating the left geographically (in the Northeast and West Coast), you minimize their voting power.  Conservatize the South, West and Midwest and you maximize the right’s influence in the House, Senate and state centers of power.

Position the military as an alternative to higher education

By putting higher education out of reach and eliminating programs like VISTA, AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, young, especially disadvantaged youth, have little recourse except the military, which turns out more conservatives than liberals.

Empower right leaning institutions

Put feeding and clothing the hungry into the hands of conservative religious institutions and you give the right a powerful tool of influence over the poor and homeless.  Those populations become indebted to the right.

Step to the Right

Push all political institutions/branches of government to the right – courts, legislatures, and executive branches.  This can be done by positioning the right as ultra conservative, dragging the traditional center into what was the right and the traditional left into what was the center.  This also has the effect of positioning Progressives as a fringe political faction.

Divide African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women

By attracting conservative African-Americans, Hispanics and women into the Republican Party and highlighting them, you begin to splinter these traditionally Democratic voting blocks.

Disempower Green movements

Positioning alternative energy as unreliable and insufficient, global warming as hype, and environmental degradation as a solved problem further erodes the power of the left.

Other Tactics

Demonize the left as being out-of-touch socialists; mobilize centrists and independents by finding wedge issues that force them away from the left.

Become advocates for the wealthy to maintain dominance among political contributors.

Focus the attention of the population on the short-term rather than the long-term.

Inflate concerns over safety and security; use fear to make people believe they are vulnerable, then position conservatives as their saviors.

Increase unemployment and keep it high – position anything the left does as ineffective and obstructionist.

Equate pro-business with pro-employment.

Finally, eviscerate Democratic Leadership

Whenever crises create uncertainty and there are a multitude of ways to proceed, paint the left as unsure and wrong.  The Arab Spring, fall of Libya, Israeli/Palestinian peace efforts, Iran and nuclear weapons, North Korean regime change, dealing with Chinese policies, the European debt crisis, and the Great Recession have all been opportunities for the right to challenge the left.  Since we can’t go down multiple paths and see which is better before choosing a course of action, the right can always profess that their way is, or would have been, better, smarter, faster, and less expensive.


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