The Power of Two

If you deposit a penny in the bank and make a deal where they will double your account every day for a month (31 days), you will earn more than $10,700,000.

So let’s suppose for a moment that one conservative and one liberal person agree to send each other one letter or email a month on policy or any other topic.  Each month they also agree to recruit just one person each, a conservative and liberal, who begin their own conversation.  And they, in turn, recruit two more people each month to begin a dialog.

The first month there will just be two people.  At the end of the second month, there will be four.  In 6 months, there will be 64.  At the end of the first year, there will be 4,096 people, all engaged in correspondence about race.

Assuming no one backs out, at the end of the second year – just 24 months into the effort – there could be close to 17 million people writing their counterparts.  Two months later virtually every man, woman and child could be engaged in the conversation.  Policy, racism, women’s issues, homosexuality, geopolitics, the environment…the results could be transformative.

Just two people are needed to begin this revolution.  Will you be one of them?


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