The Isreali-Palestinian Impasse

A story on NPR regarding a rift between the ADL and African Americans has missed a vital point. The story talks about the natural synergy between the civil rights movement and the Anti-Defamation League and how it has been eroded by the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people.

But just as it’s incorrect to look at civil rights as an anti-white movement, so it is to assume that a pro-Palestinian rights movement is anti-Israeli. There are many Israelis, Jews and Palestinians alike, that are for returning to the 1967 borders and granting Palestinians sovereignty and a homeland – the so-called two state solution. This movement is anti-oppression, just as the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. It just happens that most of the oppressors then were white, and most of the oppressors of Palestinians today are Israeli Jews.

But to paint with a broad stroke all those who agitate for Palestinian rights as anti-Israeli is to succumb to the Israeli lobby and their minions in Washington DC. It is to their advantage to portray this as a black and white issue, with the only possible outcomes as one that completely favors Israel or Palestine, rather than find compromise that satisfies both sides.


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