A New American Doctrine

We need a new doctrine that drives our relations with, and actions in, the world:

First Directive: People

In any given population, whether geographically or politically defined, the United States will support majorities over minorities unless said minorities are oppressed through political, legal, psychological, religious, or violent means or acts, regardless of whether the oppression comes from within or without.

Second Directive: Democracy

The United States supports democratic institutions over any form of authoritarianism, monarchism or anarchism, unless our support conflicts with the First Directive.

Third Directive: Intervention

When a people and/or democratic institutions are threatened by inside or outside forces, the United States will intervene:

  • Diplomatically
  • Economically
  • Politically, and
  • Militarily

In that order and combining them for maximum effect, with the military option reserved for last, unless our intervention conflicts with the First or Second Directive.

Fourth Directive: Peace

Unless it conflicts with the First, Second or Third Directives, the United States will promote and support peace in every country, across every continent, and throughout the world.